Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions our firm receives.

Q. I don't want to prepare my organizer online. Is there an alternative?
A. Yes! Simply call the office at 210-698-0706 or send an e-mail to jrb@jrbtax.com and I will provide you with the client code and password. You may then go to Tax Notebook and print out your notebook, fill it in by hand, and mail it to me.

Q. Isn't there a danger of putting my information on the internet?
A. Your Tax Notebook information is transmitted directly to secure servers maintained by Commerce Clearing House, one of the most respected providers of tax preparation software to professionals in the industry. The latest encryption techniques are employed at all times. You may rest assured that your information will remain private. As long as you guard your password, it is virtually impossible for anyone else to gain access to your information.

Q. What if I don't know how to handle an area that requires an entry in Tax Notebook?
A. You can attach a note to any field. If you have questions about a number, please just jot a quick note. All of these will be reviewed as I prepare your return. Of course, you may call me if you are stumped.

Q. You gave me my client access code and password, but I've lost them. Do I have to start all over?
A. No. Just call the office and I will be able to provide this information to you.

Q. Why should I use Tax Notebook and what if I don't want to finish it after I start?
A. Your Tax Notebook contains information carried from prior returns which I have prepared for you. Once you have completed your part, I will take over the process of preparing your return for you, reviewing all of your entries in and applying my own knowledge and experience to your particular situation. Once you start the process, I think you'll enjoy it. If not, you can always complete it manually and submit as you have in the past.

Q. I started to do my taxes with an online preparation program and now I'm stuck. Will you help?
A. Contact me at the office. I will be glad to discuss taking over the preparation of your return.